Brass Compression Fitting Manufacturers in USA

Brass Compression Fitting Manufacturers in USA
GK Metals has the largest selection of brass compression fittings for copper pipe and other components in the USA market. Extruded and forged brass components are available in a variety of shapes and specifications. They meet all functional criteria and are also capable of working in harsh environments. We pay special attention to dimensional correctness, performance, and design standards when making brass components and this makes us one of the best brass compression fitting manufacturers. Our products are more desirable in target markets because of their sturdy build and well-defined manufacturing process.

Our products are designed or built to exacting manufacturing standards and exported to both domestic and international markets. Our expert engineering team and talented labor force are working hard to provide a high-quality range of brass goods and brass compression fittings on plastic pipe at very reasonable pricing. The seat rings, and nuts are the three main components of most compression fittings. Being the best brass compression fittings supplier, we pay close attention to each of these components and create the final product with care. Our goods are now widely used in a variety of industries and are praised for their great quality.

Tube O.D Thread size
1/8” 5/16" x 24
3/16” 3/8" x 24
1/4” 7/16" x 24
5/16” 1/2" x 24
3/8” 9/16" x 24
7/16” 5/8" x 24
1/2” 11/16" x 20
5/8” 13/16" x 18
3/4” 1" x 18
7/8” 1-1/8" x 18

Material :

  • - IS-319/CZ-121 Free Cutting
  • - C3604 Brass for Barstock fittings
  • - CW 617N Brass for forged fittings
  • - Lead Free, DZR, Bronze, etc..
  • - Any special Graded Material as per customer specifications

Finish :

  • - Natural Brass
  • - Nickle Plated
  • - Chrome Plated
  • - Any special plating as per customer requirement

Threads :

  • - Any special threads as per customer specifications

Use with :

  • - Copper Tube
  • - Brass Tube
  • - Aluminium Tube
  • - Plastic Tube